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May 2023


Art Direction, Web Design, Production

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Collaborating with side hustl

An interactive platform aimed at connecting individuals in search of job opportunities with those requiring assistance in completing tasks they lack the time or skill to undertake themselves.

what our client said

The idea of SideHustl was a long time brewing in my head. An idea that I had no clue how to execute. Then one day I was talking to Todd and he told me about what Cale does and I thought to myself, I have to explore this. This might be the guy to talk to. Little did I know that our morning coffee we had would change things so quickly. I knew Cale in passing as a neighbor and always really admired his respect for his family and us as a neighbor during our prolonged renovation. It was when I met with Cale in person when I got to see his maturity beyond his years. He is a brilliant mind and has a terrific demeanor. The team at In-Houz has consistently delivered way above and beyond what I ever expected. They are all a group of true professionals that not only know their business inside and out, they offer so many priceless intangibles. In all new ventures risk is the biggest thing to overcome I believe. Cale and his team have a unique, natural ability to calm the fears to allow the unadulterated vision of the company come to life. I have been a businessman for 14 years and have dealt with many companies and individuals but my dealings with In-Houz have been amongst the top. Their talent to accomplish the objective is worth every penny, the confidence they provide in you as an entrepreneur sets them above all the rest. Companies like this are a rare commodity. I consider myself fortunate to be working with them both in development and along our journey together. To the moon……
CEO - Dan Betteridge

Defining the Project

Side Hustl is a dynamic platform designed to bridge the gap between individuals seeking employment opportunities and those with tasks or jobs they don’t have the time to complete themselves. This innovative service acts as a matchmaker, efficiently pairing job seekers with task providers based on skills, availability, and requirements. The platform not only facilitates the discovery of short-term and flexible work opportunities but also provides a seamless solution for busy individuals or businesses in need of temporary assistance. By focusing on ease of use, trust, and reliability, Side Hustle aims to create a vibrant community where work can be shared, and productivity enhanced, all while providing an essential service in today’s fast-paced world.


Technologies: Node.js for backend development is utilized, including implementing the vetting process, real-time notifications, communication filtering, policy enforcement, and Stripe integration. Frontend development is powered by React, covering the dashboard, task interface, messaging, policy display, and payment components. WebSocket enables real-time task alerts.

Integrations: The project seamlessly integrates the Stripe API into the Node.js backend for secure payment transactions and hustler payouts. WebSocket is embedded in the backend for real-time task alerts, while React is utilized in both frontend and backend for enhanced user experience and streamlined task management.

Notifications: The project features a real-time notification system, to promptly alert hustlers of newly posted tasks. Additionally, task progress tracking is facilitated through the dashboard, enabling administrators to monitor applicant progress and make well-informed decisions regarding the hiring process.

Features: A thorough vetting process is implemented, featuring background checks, skill assessments, and interviews for screening hustler applicants. It includes a dashboard for administrators to manage hiring, a task creation interface, communication filtering, encrypted messaging, policy enforcement, and Stripe payout integration.


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