Collaborating with Avais

A state-of-the-art tracking system engineered to provide advanced real-time tracking and analysis solutions tailored for volleyball matches.

what our client said

Working with In-Houz has relieved so much stress from my shoulders, allowing me to focus on other tasks. They are incredibly professional and get things done efficiently. The team cares about where they invest their time, ensuring quality and sharing ideas to expand the potential of your business. I’ve always been very impressed with the product each time they improve it weekly.
CEO - Titus Petersen

Defining the Project

Avais AI is an innovative application designed to transform the way volleyball players and coaches analyze and improve their game. Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, Avais AI tracks and analyzes volleyball matches in real-time using the device’s built-in camera. It meticulously examines each play, providing detailed insights and feedback that were previously only available through professional coaching sessions. By utilizing advanced algorithms, Avais AI acts as your personal coach, offering tailored advice, strategies, and improvement tips based on the in-game performance. This cutting-edge app not only enhances players’ skills but also empowers coaches with data-driven insights to fine-tune team strategies. Avais AI is set to redefine volleyball training, making high-level coaching accessible to players at all levels, anytime and anywhere.


Technologies: We have deployed Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for real-time performance analysis. Computer Vision detects player actions on the volleyball court, while Node.js serves as the backend, managing data processing and facilitating communication between the frontend and AI models.
Integrations: The responsive frontend seamlessly integrates with various AI models, enabling real-time access to insights for players and coaches. The Node.js backend coordinates AI model integration and generates reports based on player performance, enhancing the user experience and analysis capabilities.
Features: This project features AI-powered player detection for individual tracking, real-time analysis of player actions such as serves and spikes, and computer vision-based boundary detection for accurate player movement analysis. It also generates detailed performance reports with actionable insights for player development and team strategy optimization.


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